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Testimonial: Personal coaching

"In the fall of 2016, I did my last vocational teacher studies at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I have worked as an entrepreneur in the field of horticulture for a long time and have worked as a trainer and examiner since 2010. In addition to my job, I coach two football teams. When my studies were coming to an end, I was offered the opportunity to get into personal coaching.

Acting as an entrepreneur and coach and mother of a family poses great challenges in terms of time management and I was in a situation where I could not structure what I wanted to do in the future and how much. How do I make this logistically impossible chaos work? In both "professions" I have educated myself, but football coaching as a profession would require a lot of additional education and my resources for additional education seemed impossible.

My first coaching meeting with Heli Bergstrom was in the early fall of 2016. I had imagined that I would see my own situation holistically and that all options had been reviewed, and I had no possibility to change my situation at that moment. However, I wanted a change in my situation.

We met a total of four times during autumn 2016 and winter 2017. Already after our first meeting, I started to see my own situation more clearly and what opportunities I have. Heli didn't give me ready-made answers to anything but put me to work. After each of our meetings, I had "assignments" and lots of questions for myself. I got good tools on how to clarify my own situation and what opportunities I have. So, I had been of the opinion that there would be no solution to the current situation. However, I wanted to do everything I was already doing and train more as a coach. I am currently completing a special degree in child coaching and a professional degree in sports. I'm doing what I dreamed of. Heli helped me see what possibilities I have and how I can reach my goal - even though I thought it was not possible.

I warmly recommend coaching. As I told, I thought I saw my own situation clearly and had gone through all the options, and I couldn't find any more possibilities to change my situation. As an "outsider", Heli saw the situation from a different perspective and helped me see what opportunities I have and how I can make my dreams come true. Thank you Heli."

Miisa Uski, 44 years, entrepreneur, coach and mother


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