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Testimonial: Employment coaching

"Through various stages in my life, I had come to a state whose goal seemed unclear to me. I had challenges and hopes related to employment, but I did not recognize my own strengths well enough to be able to continue my job search. I applied for Heli Bergstrom’s coaching, where we defined the goals for our meetings together.

Heli's versatile expertise in management training and HR expertise came to the fore when he coached me to identify and realistically define my work and study wishes. In the coaching meetings, supported by Heli, I managed to focus on identifying essential issues and set deadlines to move things forward. Our joint discussions and in-depth questions gave me the impetus to pursue dreams that I might have left unfulfilled without Heli's support. With better self-knowledge and strengths, I dare to demand and expect more from myself now. I can most warmly recommend Heli Bergstrom’s coaching to you who need support in matters related to your career or personal development."

Reetta, 39 years


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