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Heli Bergstöm Coach

Heli Bergström, Ph.D, MSc.Ed., MBA

Here are my certificates of assessment tools. I usually use assessments in the beginning of a development program. It is also possible to purchase one or more assessments to learn about yourself.

PCC professional certified coach ICF
CEC ACTP Certified executive coach
CMC certification badge ceritified mentor coach
Global Team Coaching Institute Foundations certified coach
EMCC accreditation logo ITCA - colour on white - Foundation
DiSC Certified Trainer logo
Working Genius certified logo

As an ICF-certified (PCC) executive and team coach, I bring over 25 years of expertise to empower leaders and teams in navigating complex organizational landscapes. My commitment lies in facilitating impactful leadership development and fostering positive transformations within organizations. A particular target of my passion is leaders with underperforming teams. I’m happy to help the leaders empower their teams to even exceed their goals.


At my own coaching & mentoring practice and Kay Wolff Coaching & Consulting, I leverage my expertise to empower individuals and teams. My academic credentials include a doctorate in technology focusing on learning organization and leadership, a master's degree in education emphasizing vocational education, work psychology, and management, as well as an MBA in business competence.


Get to know more my experience and education on LinkedIn.  


As an accredited coach, mentor, and facilitator, I am committed to driving tangible results for my clients. Whether I am working with leaders from top executives to middle managers, or high-level experts, my approach is rooted in the principles of executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, financial coaching, mentoring and group coaching.​​













My coaching philosophy revolves around encouraging clients to discover their strengths, set meaningful goals, and navigate challenges with confidence. By prioritizing ethical guidelines established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I ensure the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in every engagement. Read more about the services I offer.

In my coaching programs, clients have achieved profound personal and professional growth, gaining insights into their work, setting strategic priorities, and leading with clarity in complex environments. Their success stories underscore the transformative impact of coaching on leadership effectiveness and organizational performance. Explore more about my clients’ experiences here.

In addition to coaching and mentoring, I am an author of several publications and have contributed insights to the field, addressing topics such as fluency experiences in knowledge-intensive work and the professional development of middle-level managers.


  • Fluency experiences (2012), a book related to the fluency experiences of knowledge-intensive work you will find in

  • Professional development of middle level managers in context of a developing service organization (2016), a thesis related to professional development of middle management you will find here

  • Over a hundred blog posts and academic peer reviewed articles


As a member of the ICF community, I uphold core values of uncompromising quality, excellence, and collaboration. My commitment to ethical conduct underscores my dedication to fostering positive relationships and creating lasting impact through coaching.





Personal life


Living in Heinola, Finland, I am deeply connected to the serene beauty of lake landscapes, as I live right on the shore of a tranquil lake. Even my workspace is strategically positioned to overlook this picturesque view, offering glimpses of wildlife through the window, including majestic owls and various other birds, lynxes, ermines, and badgers, just to mention a few of them. Nature isn't just a backdrop to my life; it's an integral part of it.


This affection for nature extends beyond my professional life. In my daily routines, you'll find traces of my love for animals in the form of collecting cat figurines. My other passions include various nano and mini size handbags, with Michael Kors being my favorite brand. Embracing the wonders of nature is a source of joy and inspiration for me, enriching both my personal and professional endeavors.














Come along and let's embark on our next journey together! Explore my services and testimonials to discover how I can support your journey towards leadership excellence and organizational success.

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If you're seeking coaching and training programs for leaders and executives, or in need of financial coaching to achieve financial success, or mentor coaching to enhance your professional skills as a coach, you're in the right place. For more information or a complimentary 15-minute strategy call, feel free to reach out to me.

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