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Heli Bergstöm Coach

Heli Bergstrom, Ph.D, MSc.Ed., MBA

Here are my certificates of assessment tools. I usually use assessments in the beginning of a development program. It is also possible to purchase one or more assessments to learn about yourself.

PCC professional certified coach ICF
CEC ACTP Certified executive coach
CMC certification badge ceritified mentor coach
Global Team Coaching Institute Foundations certified coach
EMCC accreditation logo ITCA - colour on white - Foundation
DiSC Certified Trainer logo
Working Genius certified logo

Coach for your needs

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF)
Certified Mentor Coach (CMC, ICF)

Certified Executive Coach (CEC, ACTP)
EMCC Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA)
Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach
DiSC & 5B Certified Trainer
Working Genius Certified Facilitator
Wealth Coach

I am an experienced ICF-certified (PCC) coach for executives and teams, as well as a mentor for coaches (CMC), a developer of organizations, a consultant for leading knowledge-intensive work and a mentor for leaders in change. My passion is leadership development in knowledge-intensive organizations and change situations, which I have over 25 years of experience in. I have worked especially in knowledge-intensive organizations, such as expert services, IT, education, and consulting, but also in trade and transport. Read more about my experience on. Read more about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Currently, I work in CoachHub GmbH’s coach networkVarallisuusakatemia’s (Wealth Academy) wealth coach network and as Wolff Coaching & Consulting -partner.

I have a doctorate in technology (learning organization and management), a master's degree in education (vocational education, work psychology and management) and an MBA (business competence). I am also a certified executive coach (Certified Executive Coach, ICF-certified training in the USA), an ICF-certified mentor coach (CMC), an EMCC-accredited team coach (EMCC Individual Team Coaching Accreditation, ITCA), a certified team coach (Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach, Global Team Coaching Institute), certified business coach, certified trainer of communication skills for work communities and management teams (Everything DiSC & DiSC WOL certified trainer), certified trainer of constructive conflict situations (DiSC Productive Conflict certified trainer), certified trainer of building top teams trainer (The Five Behaviors certified trainer), certified facilitator of genius teams (Working Genius Certified Facilitator), professional teacher and Demonstration Examination Master. Read more about my education on my LinkedIn profile.

As an educator, I am a coach who encourages the search for solutions. I have more than 20 years of experience as a trainer, teacher and coach in large international organizations, universities of applied sciences, the public sector and teacher training.

As a coach specializing in leadership development, I have worked in both the public and private sectors. As a coach, I am tough, challenge my clients, easily understand the whole and achieve results. I have also been characterized as a reliable and personable coach who clarifies things and stimulates innovative ideas. Read more about my clients’ experiences here.

I offer development programs for executives, which I implement depending on the situation, following the principles of executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching or group coaching. I work with the top executives and middle management, but I also coach high-level experts. My clients want to be better managers, supervisors, and specialists; their development is quickly reflected in the organization's results. In coaching, I follow the ethical rules and principles of the ICF. I also offer mentor coaching either in accordance with the requirements of international certification or for professional development. Read more about the services I offer here.

The clients I have coached have found their own strengths, new goals, ways to reach goals, many solutions, and many new opportunities. They have learned to identify essential issues in their work and life, set deadlines, promote important issues, prioritize their own use of time, stand courageously behind their decisions, structure their own and their organization's future, and lead in change and complex situations. They have gained a better self-knowledge and have grown as people, leaders, and supervisors along with that. Read more about my clients’ experiences here.

Also check out my publications, some examples below:

  • Fluency experiences (2012) book related to the fluency experiences of knowledge-intensive work you will find in

  • Professional development of middle level managers in context of a developing service organization (2016) book related to professional development of middle management you will find here

  • Several dozen blog posts in Finnish

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is an international community of coach professionals, which includes more than 50,000 members in more than 150 countries.

ICF 25 years logo

In my coaching work, I follow the core values defined by the ICF, which are as follows:

  • Uncompromising: I cherish the highest quality level of both the coaching profession and my own activities.

  • Excellence: I define the requirements of excellence for the quality, competence and know-how of professional coaching and follow these requirements.

  • Cooperation: I cherish the cooperative partnership, social relations and sense of community created through the goals achieved together. I respect diversity and value the diversity and richness of my global stakeholders. I put people first, without compromising the methods and quality.


In my coaching work, I also follow ethical rules defined by the ICF.

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You are most obviously interested in coaching and training programs for executives, or you are a Coach and you are aiming for international certification and you need mentor coaching, or you want to strengthen your professional skills as a coach. If you want more information or a free 15-minute consultation with me.

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