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Coaching for executives, coaches, and development tools

  • For companies and organizations and individual managers: you can access the services here

  • For coaches: you can access mentor coaching services here

  • Evaluation tool trainings are suitable for all individuals, regardless of the size of the organization. Here you can access my evaluation tool services

Business Meeting

Development programs for executives

Executive, do you recognize your development needs?

Do you have the feeling that your leadership style needs to be developed or modified? Have you received feedback that you have not been successful in leadership? Can you lead yourself? Do you manage your own time? Are you struggling with the ever-changing operating environment? Do you feel like you've lost your grip? Is your knowledge-intensive organization distancing itself from you? Do you feel like you have no control over change? Would you like to do something about it, but don't know what or how to start? Do you lack a confidential conversation partner?

People in the meeting coaching


It is usually about a 6–12-month long development program, which I customize taking the client's needs into account. The implementation method is most commonly individual, group or team coaching based on executive coaching, leadership coaching or business coaching, or a combination of the previous ones. Workshop-style meetings and trainings implemented with different pedagogical methods can also be part of the development program. I often use suitable assessments as part of management development programs because they help to outline the development targets for both the manager himself and the management team. You can read more about assessments here.

For you to start the development program with me, I require a few things from you:

  • As a client, you are ready to invest actively in your own, your managers' and your organization's development

  • You understand the use of coaching as a method and can trust your coach

  • You identify the development needs of your organization and individual managers

  • You want to develop yourself, you want to develop your managers and your organization

  • The managers working in your organization have the basic skills in order

  • The work and life situation of the managers participating in the process is such that it is possible for them to participate in the coaching process

Read more about my clients’ experiences here.

Heli Bergström and Kay Wolff
CMC certification badge certified mentor coach

Mentor coaching

A professional coach usually needs mentor coaching for two reasons: either as part of international certification or for professional development. Every coach who values their skills and constantly develops their skills has their own mentor coach.

When connected to the certification process, mentor coaching generally focuses on the core competences and ethical rules defined by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I offer mentor coaching for ACC and PCC level certifications together with Wolff Coaching. Here you can find more information about us. Kay and I are both mentor coaches certified by the ICF. You can read more about Kay on her LinkedIn profile and on Wolff Coaching's LinkedIn company page.

The next mentor coaching group will start in spring 2024 - stay tuned! You also have the option of individual mentoring, and you can soon register. 

Book a free consultation

You are most obviously interested in coaching and training programs for executives, or you are a Coach and you are aiming for international certification and you need mentor coaching, or you want to strengthen your professional skills as a coach. If you want more information or a free 15-minute consultation with me.

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