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Testimonial: Organizational transformations

“I had the privilege of working with Heli Bergstrom during a period of a year. During this time, she acted as my coach, providing support and guidance through a series of organizational transformations. Her sound knowledge and experience of leading through change gave me the exact support (I needed) for implementing the new company structures in a dynamic environment. Heli has an ability to focus and show crystal clear thinking in complex circumstances. She has a great attitude with an entrepreneurial mindset, her commitment to achieve success is truly catching. As a coach Heli is thorough; progressing with her is well-planned and targeted. She has the ability to create clarity from fragments of information and still let the mentee personally experience moments of innovation. I would truly recommend her to any leader looking for a coach with high standards and true self-leadership skills.”

Head of Organizational Development, 53 years, Nokia Networks, Helsinki Finland


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