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Testimonial: A rewarding year-long journey

"During my studies, I had the opportunity for coaching with Heli Bergstrom acting as my coach. It was a lottery win for me. I studied to become a professional teacher and combining work, family and studies brought challenges. Conversations with Heli opened developing paths for the progress of my studies and for my views on being a mother and a manager. Through the discussions, I gained self-confidence to direct my career aspirations in a direction that suits me. I gained the courage to fulfill my wishes and proudly stand behind my decisions.

The meetings with Heli were very warm and I felt that I could talk about anything with confidence. After the discussions, I sometimes felt that we didn't really discuss what we were talking about, but when the situations came up, I realized that this is what I was meant to end up with.

I feel that with the help of coaching I have gotten many things in my life in the right direction. I can look at different situations better from different points of view and handle related emotions more easily. The best thing was that in no matter did I get the so-called "right way to act", only keys for my own reflection and comparison of alternatives.

I warmly recommend Heli as a coach and trainer. If at some point in my life I need a coach again, I will choose Heli. A big, beautiful, sincere thank you Heli. A rewarding year-long journey is now behind, and the goal has been achieved. Our conversations really gave me a lot, I feel like I've grown as a person."

Johanna Lehtinen, 40 years, restaurant manager, Espoo


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