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Testimonial: Development program

"I can honestly say that it is easy to rank Heli's development program as one of the best and most meaningful development programs during my working career. This was greatly influenced by Heli and the development program she drew up.

The training benefited the day-to-day work of supervisors and created a picture of supervisor work and management more broadly. Heli's way of inspiring, encouraging, supporting, and finding a positive point of view, which nevertheless takes into account areas for development and recognizes challenges, is easily contagious and motivating.

Heli has the skill to guide even in difficult situations to an approach that is constructive, developing and there is a feeling that she is able to keep the situation under control while creating a psychologically safe environment for the parties involved. Personally, I think that without this kind of guiding development, organizations will miss out on a huge potential in the field of coaching culture.

It would be good to offer such a program to every supervisor, and why not in a lighter form for other groups of people, where the idea is to promote self-direction, so I could see that this also has scaling potential. In addition to the fact that the program developed myself, I got to know the colleagues of my own organization better, and Peer Collaboration with its various work group and coaching exercises and dialogues was one of the program's strengths. Based on this, we will probably continue with many, e.g., coaching each other.

The program also developed a way of relating to, meeting and having a dialogue with different individuals in a way that respects and considers everyone - a way that considers the individual's possibilities and strengths."

Matti, service director, 2021


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