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Leadership Development, Executive, Mentor & Financial Coaching

Discover our comprehensive development programs tailored for leaders, executives and coaches. Explore how our programs can enhance your leadership skills and coaching expertise to drive organizational success.

Leader, we know your problems and challenges. Are you experiencing underperforming teams? Let's find solutions together!

Executive, we are experienced directors and coaches ourselves, so we know your challenges. Let’s work on them together!

Coach, we have a learning environment that facilitates your learning. We also offer you free support for your ICF Credentialing Exam! 

Don't know your financial possibilities? Are you interested in investing to build your future? Let's find a strategy for you!

Heli Bergström executive & mentor coach

Leadership Development, Executive, Mentor & Financial Coach
- Heli Bergström

With expertise in leadership development, mentoring, executive and financial coaching, my passion lies in helping individuals develop their leadership skills within organizations, especially during times of change. Throughout my career, I have specialized in empowering executives, leaders, and managers to unlock their full potential, ultimately driving success for their teams and organizations.

One key area of focus in my work is assisting leaders in transforming underperforming teams to not only meet but exceed their goals. By providing guidance, support, and tailored strategies, I help leaders navigate challenges and inspire their teams to achieve outstanding results. Through my unique approach to leadership development, I aim to cultivate a culture of growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement within organizations. I believe that with the right tools and mindset, any team can overcome obstacles and thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Committed to reliability, efficiency, and client-centricity, I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs. Let's navigate your leadership journey together for lasting success!

Leadership Development Coaching
Enhance your leadership skills
Foster leadership development within your organization
Learn to empower your underperforming teams to exceed their goals
Executive Coaching

Develop your organization

Retain talent in your organization

Empower your people to exceed their goals

Mentor Coaching

Unlock you potential through mentor coaching

Dedicated mentor coaching hours to support your growth

Experience personalized mentor coaching sessions
Financial Coaching

Dedicated financial coaching to support your financial goals

Experience personalized financial coaching sessions focused on your unique situation

Achieve financial success with specialized financial coaching

What do you gain as a coachee?

  • A coach you can trust completely

  • A coach fully dedicated to your progress and achievement

  • A forward-thinking perspective, fostering anticipation of future possibilities

  • Access to a wealth of experience spanning various contexts, enriching your journey

  • A human-centered approach, combining business acumen with leadership development to empower you

  • Practical strategies derived from real-world expertise, not just theoretical concepts

  • Realistic guidance to navigate today's evolving business environments effectively

  • A coaching style that challenges you to grow and excel in your endeavors

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Book Your Complimentary Strategy Call

If you're seeking coaching and training programs for leaders and executives, or in need of financial coaching to achieve financial success, or mentor coaching to enhance your professional skills as a coach, you're in the right place. For more information or a complimentary 15-minute strategy call, feel free to reach out to me.

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